Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Online Market Research Using Search Engines

Online market research has become a viable alternative for businesses looking to avoid the footwork of traditional market research tools, and with surging internet usage and users encroaching on the everyday routines of people throughout the world, online market research just might be the most accurate data pool available. And while there are a variety of ways to research audiences, products, brands and entire databases, all of them utilize computer lingo unique to the structure of the online landscape.

Search engines are the name of the game, and will be your primary tool for online market research. Keyword searches, which are useful for researching popular phraseology and wording, hotlink certain key phrases and words to increase your odds at the other end of the search engine by helping you to narrow down your desired content and then matching it with some approximate correspondence.

Search engines are also useful tools for uncovering the prices and services offered by competitors – a simple and broad search of your competitor's brands or names will result in a plethora of valuable information your competitor is advertising to the public. The public relations of major businesses have never been more transparent than they are today, and linking these searches with the aforementioned keyword searches can help you to discover successful related businesses phrases.

The online market has recently expanded with the popularity of blogs, and since blogs are generally updated with more regularity than 'traditional' web pages, they generate a faster, more frenetic, and possibly more accurate impression of public opinion. Popular news blogs capture the public's initial reactions more efficiently than comparable televised programs, magazines or radio shows. Online market research can also be conducted in the form of online surveys, and thanks to the variety of free and accessible survey companies and their simple user interfaces, it's easier now than ever before to reach thousands of people with a single survey.
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