Saturday, September 29, 2012

Market research – Offline and Online?

With the world economy growing and business competition increasing both at domestic and international level it has become important to use various market research tools. Online market research has been one of the major tools that have seen a massive use in the last 5-6 years. Todays, most of the companies to create brand awareness have developed company websites. These sites provide the much required information to its clients. Perhaps, these set of information has made online market research a viable and scalable tool.

Being into market research, I have witness how helpful online marketing tool can be. It not just provides the right information but also saves time and money. Due to the virtual medium of market survey the research cost has gone down and allowed the small investor to take its advantage. Nevertheless, one should also consider the authenticity of the important. Many times companies put up wrong information to mislead the target consumers. Whether you are doing the research yourself or allotting it to a market survey company ensure that both online and offline information gathering is done.

Market research is an important part of any business venture. It provides idea about the size of the market; type and categories of the consumer; associated cost; and other valuable information to check the feasibility of the venture. Any worn information can jeopardize the business and incur heavy loss.

If you are planning to invest in a new market or expand the operations, market research is a must, especially, if the expansion is in a foreign territory. In view to my experience I can share a piece of information that may be helpful. Before allotting the work to any market survey firm gather information about them and their way of working. There are different tools through which a market survey is executed. Check whether the firm has a right mix of those tools and what has been their industry of research. Survey companies who specialize in consumer products may not be efficient in carrying out research related to finance industry. All these information are generally available on the site of these survey companies or may be collected from their offices. It is always ideal to avoid companies that completely depend on online market research as the chances of wrong information are always high.
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Marketing research and its importance

Be it any business, market research is important to sustain the venture in the competitive business environment. Especially, in retail sector market research is essential tool that needs to be judiciously implemented. Retail industry has large number of competitors and every moment they say that 2 new ventures enter the market. Often in the fight to break even, major expenses are overlooked and so are the market dynamics. Market survey helps in identifying the market size, type of consumers and also their spending power. Apart from this information, one is provided with various other details that are crucial in drawing business plans.

Those who are planning to venture into new business operation can take help of market research companies. These companies through the implementation of various tools and techniques understand the various aspects of the market. They provide the much need information and data that helps a business grown and sustain themselves in the competitive market. Most of these companies specialize in certain areas of market like finance sector; retail sector; petroleum and energy sector; and also aviation sector.

The reports provided are generally industry centric and also region specific. As every business is different the reports are on a customized level than generic. With the advent of virtual world, survey companies are also taking the support of online market survey. This provides the survey a longer reach to potential consumer base and is less time consuming. Further, the cost behind using an online market survey tool is generally low as compared to offline tools. Nevertheless, a report should not heavily depend on the online mediums of research.
It should be a blend of both offline and online tools. Online tools, it has been seen, at times are manipulated to a greater extent.
Whichever agency one choses it is essential to check that whether the survey agency holds credentials in carrying out research in that field. One must also ensure that proper tools and techniques are implemented while doing the research work. Too much dependence on the online tools may result in collection of wrong data. These aspects needs to be considered as a market research is essential part of any venture and can damage the business operations if wrong information is used.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Importance of Market Research

Market research is important before the commencement of any business. A company may plan to expand their operations or may start a new venture, whatever may be the reason one needs to understand the market and its mechanism. Before starting any business operation it is essential to determine project feasibility and scalability.

Unless, an entrepreneur is aware of the consumer base, associated cost, competitive business firms, and market condition it is impossible to draft a proper business plan or estimating the value of the venture. Market research reports help the entrepreneurs understand the market and come up with proper analytics to understand the nature of competition, benchmarking and forecasting the growth potential of the business.

There are many agencies that offer these find of services. These services are boon for both new and existing ventures. Many US market research agencies provide in-depth reports covering various dynamics of the market and also encompass different industry to cater a wide range of consumers. It is thus an important task to gather proper market data through market research before starting or expanding any venture.

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Retail and Financial Market Research

Businesses operating in retail and financial sectors, needs to take proactive decisions for surviving and expanding their ventures. These markets are subjected to more stress and challenges as compared to others markets. Nevertheless, the growth opportunities are also high in these two sectors.

To survive and be pro-active one needs to understand the market components and predict their future movement. Proper data and information is essential for figuring the right processes. Marketing research is one such tool that can give individuals or businesses the required information to make more viable decisions and plans.

Different market research agencies spread across the globe provide information on the market movement and its components like resources and consumers. These data can be used and interpreted to know the market scenario and its future movement. These agencies also provide data according to the type of the market.
Retail market research and financial market research forms an important offering of these agencies. These data may focus on a particular region or country or any geographical location. One can also request for customized research reports suitable to their business needs. Whatever may be the focus using proper data is essential in the current economic condition and especially if one in working in retail or finance domain.

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